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Do You Know Someone Broke Into Nicki Minaj's Home and Stole $175,000 Worth of Property

While Nicki Minaj was off making peace and potentially recording music with Drake and Lil Wayne, different sources report her Los Angeles chateau was scoured and looted of around $175,000 worth of gems and other stolen property.

TMZ reports that Nicki's home was "completely destroyed" while the rapper was away at some point amongst November and January, and that the suspect or suspects flipped over furniture and thumped over different things all through the house just as searching for something specifically. Sources near the case likewise disclosed to TMZ that the harm looked "individual," and that the thieves had "obliterated picture outlines, aroma bottles, [and] furniture," and had additionally cut up some of Nicki's garments.

 As indicated by E! News, police have not yet named any suspects for the situation and the investigation is as yet continuous. Since Nicki's house is purportedly "outfitted with security frameworks and shut circuit cameras," police are wanting to discover video film of the theft so as to help with their investigation.

 Right now, Nicki has not released any statement on the matter.

This news was first seen on Cosmopolitan

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