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5 bizzare things females do after s*x to stay away from pregnancy – #5 works like enchantment (With Pictures)

Things females do after s-x: They say ladies are more frightened of getting pregnant than contracting HIV/Aids. I don't know about the validness of the statement,but you get the point. Ladies will go at additional lengths to guarantee they DO NOT get pregnant.

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This is a reality, since time immemorial, ladies have been utilizing peculiar approaches to abstain from getting pregnant, S-xually Transmitted Infection's aside. Here are a portion of the peculiar things they do to appreciate s-x without getting pregnant.

5. Squat and wheeze

Quickly after s-x, a lady is required to squat the wheeze. This development is said to compel out each and every sperm from the lady's veejay. In antiquated Greek, doctors prescribed ladies to do this to shake the sperm out before treating the egg. Ladies were likewise encouraged to bounce up a down, and kick their feet against their bums, to abstain from getting pregnant.

4. S-x amid periods

Turns out, ladies appreciate s-x amid their periods. To include onto the normal grease, it is said odds of a lady getting pregnant as of now are near nil. On the off chance that you went to a science lesson, then you know this is a lie.

3. Honey

Nectar Applying nectar on your hu-ha can anticipate pregnancy.

The honey will change the acridity of the vagina, making it hard for the sperm to swim to the egg. In antiquated Egypt, ladies added crocodile crap to the nectar before applying the blend.

This equitable shouts yeast contamination.

2. Coca cola

Yes, obviously the Coca cola drink extinguishes the ordinary thirst as well as kills sperms, as per online myths.

A lady is required to douche after intercourse, the carbon in the pop should be compelling in anticipating pregnancy. Ladies are as yet utilizing this strategy to date. I think this is a flawless formula for a yeast disease.

1. Taking Panadol/Painkiller after s-x

 It should be as basic as ABC, ingest painkillers in the wake of having s-x. What is the most exceedingly bad thing that may happen, likely ingest enough to overdose yourself and really fall debilitated.

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