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#BBA: Angelo Collin’s girlfriend in the real world

#BBA: Angelo Collin’s girlfriend in the real world

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It’s actually no secret in the BBA house again as beverly of Nigeria has been routing this Angelo of a guy all about the air.It has been confirmed that  Beverly Osu’s man, Angelo Collins was dating before he entered the Big brother’s show.

Her name is Candice Arends who is a model and technician leaving in South Africa, and we all believed she has been watching all the paparazzi going on in the house between these two lovebirds and now she has been re-tweeting a lots of this about Angelo, but we just noticed that every of those tweets just went dead immediately Angelo started making out with Beverly. So the question now is ” Are these guys; i mean Angelo and Beverly going for real? or it’s a BBA’s love. I just hope she no get her heart broken.


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