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Soldiers Harrased NUTRW’S Member Over Dues

Soldiers Harrased NUTRW’S Member Over Dues

 A report came to our desk news on Monday, concerning the issue of five soldiers who were attached to the Ikeja Military Cantonment allegedly beat up a member of the National Union of Road Transport Workers at Somolu and the person in question was identified as Abiodun Olawale, for collecting dues from drivers.

 Olawale who was later rescued by the policemen from the hands of these soldier, was said to have put on the wrath on himself by not following the instruction given to him by the soldier men. i.e he was given other not to collect dues from the drivers, but he was adamant to correction. A trader who was a witness a the scenario  made it known to us that the incident started as a minor disagreement and nobody ever believed it could aggravated to that extent. Read the remaining news from HERE. Though, the soldiers were arrested for the combine effort on Olawale, but one of them was able to escape probably because he was on muffti. The beating was so much that the people needed to react, because the were beating him with their weapons and a jerk- knife was also used on him, imagine!

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